Camper Info


Title: I'll be Seeing You

Type: Young Adult Novel





Virginia, USA


Illustrator, Craft business owner, Nanny


writing, reading, crochet, sewing, drawing

Favorite Books/Authors:

Books: "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling, "The Lunar Chronicles" by Marissa Meyer Authors: Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Marissa Meyer

Favorite Noveling Music:


Favorite Camp Activity:

Arts and Crafts

Brief Bio:

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A Little Bit About Me:

Hi there! My name is Andrea and I am a huge fan of Nanowrimo!!
I have a degree in Graphic Design, I am an Illustrator, a Craft business owner, and a Nanny. My favorite color is pink and rainbow. I have two sweet cats named Cupcake and Babydoll.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to write or make up stories in my head. When I was little I would lead my friends on adventures in the backyard. 

Even though I have taken a couple of creative writing courses, writing has always been a hobby and something I do just for fun. Maybe one day that will change but for now I write to basically entertain myself!

Also I own my own craft business! I sew and draw and have fun creating! Whenever I get any free time I love to read! I even have my own book blog where I talk about books and writing. You can find that HERE

 My ML named me “The Mad Scientist of Creativity” because I love to make Plot Bunnies! I think I enjoy doing that more than the writing! I love creating things! You can see some of the plot bunnies I’ve made by going here: Plot Bunnies

How It All Started

I have been participating in November’s Nanowrimo since 2007. Camp Nanowrimo started in 2011 in, I believe, July. I didn’t find out about camp until the end of that month so I waited until August to participate.

I was so excited at the idea of Nanowrimo happening three times a year instead of one! Camp Nanowrimo has evolved a lot since that very first month. When it first started it was just like November: the goal was to write a 50K word Novel in one month. Now it is open for any type of writing, even editing. And you can now choose your own word goals, page goals, or even time goals.

Camp has always been more laid back for me, as opposed to November. I’ve always strived for the 50K but have not really pushed myself as much to get there. There have even been years where I signed up but didn’t write a single word. My best year, however, was 2012 when I wrote 50K words BOTH months. Although I didn’t write full drafts either of those times.
This time (April 2017) I’ll be writing the second half of the draft I wrote during November. I’m not sure how many words that will be so my main goal is just to finish the draft.

Good luck and thank you for reading all of this! Feel free to say hi. I love meeting others who enjoy writing as much as I do. I’m also here if you have any questions about the event.

 Camp Nanowrimo History 

August 2011- Wake Me up When Prince Charming Comes Along (14,576)

June 2012- Camp Counselors (50,069)

August 2012- Pure Magic (50,018)

April 2013- Brown Eyed Bow (5,560)

April 2015- The Reign of Prince Milk (the second attempt) (1,475)

August 2015- Just Write (17,593)

April 2016- Hello, Sunshine / Junie's Story (50,044)

July 2016- The Scavenger Girls (11,452) 

April 2017- Never Planned On You (writing the second half) 30K Goal (35,928)

Total Camp NaNo Word Count: 236,715