Raleigh, NC

Favorite Books/Authors:

Jacqueline Carey, David Eddings, Sara Douglass, Roger Zelazny, Neil Gaiman

Brief Bio:

Born and raised primarily in Northern Virginia, my family and I moved to North Carolina in 2006. Married for almost 20 years, my husband and I have two boys and a gaggle of cats.


For me, writing is a great stress reliever. I can let my mind wander and let my emotions run free in a way that is generally not possible in my normal everyday life. My writings run the gamut in terms of style and genre – for instance my current upcoming novel is a historical romance set in the Civil War, but some of the other things I have in the works are fantasy or thrillers, among other things.

It probably goes without saying, but my poetry is somewhat eclectic in nature, and again while some may feel the need to stick with a particular form, I tend to write just whatever comes to mind. Let the winds of inspiration lead me on…