Dallas, Texas


marketing cat-herder


Geofiction/worldbuilding, conlangs, website design, painting, jewelry-making, woodburning, Egyptology.

Favorite Books/Authors:

M.C.A. Hogarth, Catherynne M. Valente, Anne McCaffrey, J. Koyanagi, A. M. Tuomala, Patrick Hester, Sarah & Jennifer Diemer, Jim C. Hines, Don Sakers, CJ Cherryh || most Conan the Barbarian novels, Imaro, Jurassic Park & Lost World, Beasts, Ratha's Creatur

Favorite Noveling Music:

whatever suits the mood of the scene!

Favorite Camp Activity:


Brief Bio:

I write non-human-centric sci-fantasy fiction. I also dabble in freeform poetry, am a rabid geofiction enthusiast, create artificial languages and scripts, create shiny websites, write and play music, am an armchair Egyptologist, paint like a Neanderthal, woodburn, and make jewelry.