A Marathon Date with Your Novel

April 08, 2013

Dearest Campers,

You’re about to run a marathon.

No, not the kind with numbers pinned to your chest and complicated training plans and that creepy goo that runners eat.

It’s the first ever NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon (goo optional, caffeine recommended): a chance for you to lace up your metaphorical sneakers and spend the day with your latest or most beloved writing project.

On Saturday, April 13, from 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific time (see here for when that is chez vous), we’ll be telethon-style livestreaming, tweeting, and generally internetting up a storm to encourage you through an epic date with your writing.

This is also an opportunity to help support NaNoWriMo and the hundreds of thousands of people who discover the joy of creative writing and the power of telling their stories each year through our programs. It’s also been proven by very important and official scientists that putting a little money where your mouth is increases your investment in a project. Show your writing that you mean business by donating to NaNoWriMo.

Everyone who donates at any level will be entered to win our grand prize, a Microsoft Surface tablet. There are also Chris Baty Studios posters and subscriptions to The Writer magazine up for grabs, not to mention a web badge for all marathoners to maximize their bragging rights.

We encourage you to find fellow Wrimos out in the real world to level up your marathon experience. Round up friends in your regional forum or local social media channels for an in-person write-in. No Wrimos in your neck of the woods? Start a Google+ Hangout, join the Twitter conversation with the #NaNoThon hashtag, or follow our various livestreaming shenanigans throughout the day.

Find out more on our Marathon page and pledge today!

Checking for patents on caffeinated goo,

Sarah Mackey
Director of Community Engagement