Introducing… Private cabins!

June 16, 2014

Dear Camper,

We always planned for cabins to be an important part of the Camp NaNoWriMo experience. The idea was for you to have a ready-made writing group—a crew of writers to support you through the noveling ropes course.

Each year, we’ve improved the cabin system a little more. But until today, Camp lacked a good solution for existing friends and groups.

I’m excited to introduce private cabins, a new way for you to spend this creative retreat with up to 11 writers you already know. Don’t worry, our existing cabin system matching you with new friends will still be popping. This solution is designed for past cabin mates you want to keep bunking with, or your inseparable online (or real-life) posse.

To get started, just select “I want to create a private cabin” on the Cabin Settings page. (You’ll want to be sure you coordinate with your friends to choose one cabin administrator.)

Your cabin is created immediately—no waiting for cabin assignment to begin.

Once you’re settled in with your group, you can also open up your cabin to new members with similar interests. To do that, just click “Make cabin public” on your cabin page. More people will be added once assignment begins.

Because we want to be sure you have time to explore this new feature, we’re moving cabin assignment back to Wednesday, June 25. If you would like to be assigned instead of joining a private cabin, please be sure you create a project and update your cabin settings before that date.

We also have a brand-new FAQ that fully explains the ins and outs of the cabin process, both for private cabins and the traditional assignment method. If you are having any trouble, please let us know in the Tech Help forum.

Hoping this makes your July even better,

Chris Angotti
Director of Programs

P.S. We’re also rolling out another new feature: Camp Care Packages! Look for a helpful, bite-size writing tip in your Camper Messages every weekday.