Your July Creative Project

June 03, 2013

It’s almost time for another session of Camp! July has 31 days and an unlimited amount of potential for your creative project. Did you hear about the flexible word-count goals and rebel-friendliness we introduced in April? Plus, we’ve got a few new things to tell you about:

Day-by-day word-count editing. Missed updating your word count yesterday or last week? You’re now able to retroactively tally your progress via your Stats page.

Bigger cabins. We’ve increased capacity from six to eight. That’s approximately 33% more conversation and mischief, with absolutely no lights-out time.

Cabin notifications. Homepage notifications of new cabin messages will help you jump straight into the action.

Improved cabin assignment. Our courageous tech team journeyed into the deep, dark Camp stats database to figure out just what makes a talkative cabin… well, talkative. We used that information to tweak some under-the-hood stuff and better match you with fellow campers. Cabin assignment starts on Thursday, June 20, so be sure to get your settings just the way you like ’em.

Community pep talks. The staff is taking a backseat to let some serious creativity experts share their advice. Every letter of encouragement in your mailbox next month will come from a NaNoWriMo participant!

Weekly Camp round-ups. There’s plenty of ground to explore outside the main Camp site. Every Friday, we’ll gather the good stuff from our blog, forum, Facebook, and Twitter—as well as participant posts we come across—and share it with you here.

We’re excited to support whatever you’re working on in July. Thanks for getting creative with us.

Chris Angotti
Director of Programs