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middle of the woods, Nova Scotia, Canada

Favorite Books/Authors:

Clive Barker, Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Dawn Kurtagich (The Dead House/The Creeper Man), Simon Logan, Amy Lukavics (Daughters Unto Devils), Lisa Mantchev, Dia Reeves, Victoria Schwab, Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite Noveling Music:

rainymood.com, Akira Yamaoka, do say make think, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono, World's End Girlfriend

Brief Bio:

Writer of horror and fantasy young adult novels. Day job involves the front desk of and graphic design for a historic (possibly haunted) inn. Artist, makeup geek, comic book nerd, caffeine addict. Enjoys candlelight, walks on the beach, fuzzy kittens, milk in her coffee, and dusty post-apocalyptic cityscapes.

Other places to find a Ley:
leysaulnier.com • Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr @leysaulnier

Ley draws:
leysketch.net • Instagram/Twitter @leysketch • Twitch @leysaulnier

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